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Winter Season 2024
Now Open!

Click on the button above to register for the current tennis season, we offer various membership types for Juniors and Seniors, so please select the one that is the most appropriate for you or your child(ren).

There are Orange Ball competition memberships available as well as mid-week ladies doubles.

Our memberships are managed through Tennis SA, if you have any questions regrading memberships, fees and payments, please don't hesitate to contact us or have a read of the membership details below.

Membership Details

All our memberships include the following benefits:


  • Ability to freely access the club courts without hire fees

  • Enjoying the social camaraderie, club events, i.e. bbq's and sausage sizzles

  • Developing life-long friendships

  • Playing in competitions or just for fun (fill in and help out your club team members)

  • Achieving a sense of belonging and the opportunity to contribute to the Club and local community

  • Contributing to a healthier Australian community

Senior & Junior memberships (Summer and Winter Season)

Compete in club competitions (NETA) held on Friday nights for the Juniors and Saturday morning and afternoons for the Seniors. 

Membership fees are $150 for Juniors, $215 for Seniors and $250 for both.

Mid-Week Ladies Tennis

These competitions are played each Wednesday morning and offer a great opportunity for the more senior ladies players to keep fit as-well maintain a healthy social lifestyle.

Competition season is half yearly, running from January-July, and August to December. Membership fee is $80 per season.

Occasional Fill In player membership (FREE Membership)

This is a perfectly suited membership for those that want to sit out the season and occasionally fill in to help out a team. This is a free membership, however If you fill in more than 5 times, we do ask that you at least become a social member for the season.

Club Social Membership (Playing & Non-Playing) $40/season

This membership is suited for those that have filled in more than 5 times in a season as well as for playing and non-playing members who wish to benefit from the club membership offerings or just simply want to contribute to their local sporting club community.

Tennis Ball
Tennis Chair Umpire
Memberships: Welcome
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