Summer Senior Competition News

Hi players, 


This is Tayla Garratt connecting with you as the new TTGTC senior club captain for 2022. I am an assistant coach for Jason Todd and have been working at the club for over a year now and am excited to be your club captain this coming year. I am around the club so come and introduce yourself to me if you haven’t already. 


To get started organising the senior teams can I ask that every team designate a team captain (someone over 18yrs if possible) that I will be in regular contact with regarding fill-ins, scores sheets and any other inquires. This team captain will need to have all contact details of their team members as well as my number 0475 869 260. When you have chosen a team captain can they send me a message to confirm they have all contact details and any upcoming fill-ins needed.  If I am in in contact with one member of the team it will hopefully alleviate any miscommunications. 


For any members that aren’t aware you can see your season schedules, enter and see results with a ‘match centre’ account. The website for match centre is 

If you require any support or guidance to set up and use your account, please visit where you can find guides to set up and link your player profile on match centre. Match centre is a great tool as it may be able to answer any of your questions without confusion before contacting me or the club so please get an account if you haven’t already. 

Thanks and see you out there!